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The CEO of Chat GPT Warns: US Government Wants to Cotrol Bitcoin

Updated: Feb 29

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan podcast, the CEO of ChatGPT - Sam Altman shared his concerns about what he perceived as a sustained regulatory crackdown on the cryptocurrency industry by the U.S. government.

Chat GPT CEO and Bitcoin

He voiced his view that recent government measures could be seen as an "adversarial stance towards crypto," emphasizing his disappointment with the government's handling of digital assets.

"I'm disappointed that the U.S. government has done recently, but the war on crypto, which I think is a, like, we can't give this up, we're going to control [bitcoin and crypto] makes me quite sad about the country," Altman said on Joe Rogan's podcast.

Altman further articulated his profound apprehensions regarding the potential growth of government surveillance in the United States, particularly in relation to state authority over monetary systems. He voiced his strong disapproval of the notion of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), firmly stating his opposition, saying he is vehemently against them.

"I'm very worried about how far the surveillance state could go here," Altman said

Simultaneously, Altman expressed his ongoing enthusiasm for Bitcoin, underscoring the importance of having a global currency that functions independently of governmental influence.

"I'm excited about bitcoin, too," "I think this idea that we have a global currency that is outside of the control of any government is a super logical and important step on the tech tree." Altman said

It's worth noting that Altman has faced criticism from the Bitcoin community due to his association with the contentious Worldcoin crypto project. This initiative seeks to establish a database of individuals by scanning their eyes in return for Worldcoin's cryptocurrency (WLD), leading critics to raise valid privacy and ethical concerns.


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