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Applicants For Bitcoin ETFs Have Introduced Various Bitcoin Advertisements In Anticipation Of Regulatory Approval

Updated: Feb 29


Bitwise and Hashdex have injected enthusiasm into the crypto community with their compelling advertisements, raising hopes for the approval of Bitcoin ETFs as the SEC decision draws near. While the crypto world eagerly awaits the SEC's verdict on a Bitcoin Spot ETF, some applicants are taking proactive measures by unveiling crypto ads specifically tailored for a Bitcoin ETF.

In a span of just two days, Bitwise and Hashdex collectively launched three ads, sparking excitement and optimism among crypto enthusiasts. Bitwise led the charge, debuting an advertisement featuring Jonathan Goldsmith, renowned as the "Most Interesting Man in the World" from a well-known beer campaign. Goldsmith endorsed Bitwise's Bitcoin ETF, presenting it as a novel financial product.

Following suit, Hashdex swiftly responded on December 20 with its own advertisement. The ad showcased a truck, emphasizing the distinction between traditional assets such as stocks, fixed income, and precious metals and the innovative realm of crypto, particularly highlighting their Bitcoin ETF.

Bitwise promptly responded on the same day with another advertisement showcasing Goldsmith. In a lighthearted manner, he quipped, "Satoshi sends his regards," as he continued to promote Bitcoin.

According to analysts, there is a high likelihood, estimated at 90%, that the SEC will grant approval to at least one of the 13 Bitcoin ETFs currently awaiting regulatory decisions by January 10. Samson Mow, a prominent figure in the Bitcoin space, highlighted the significance of these marketing campaigns. He emphasized the intense competition surrounding Bitcoin ETFs and underscored the pivotal role that effective branding plays in this landscape.

Mow anticipates a potential marketing showdown, implying that major players such as BlackRock and Fidelity might join the fray with their own advertisements, featuring notable personalities like Novak Djokovic and Michael Saylor. He suggested that these upcoming ads could elevate the excitement and intensity of the competition for the top Bitcoin ETF.


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