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Ben 'Bitboy' Armstrong Taken into Custody Following Live Broadcast Outburst

Former Bitboy Crypto presenter, Ben Armstrong, was apprehended following a 37-minute live stream outside the residence of his former business associate.

Police arrested Bitboy

Crypto personality Ben Armstrong, formerly the host of the Bitboy Crypto YouTube channel, was taken into custody last night by Gwinnett County law enforcement while broadcasting live from outside his former business partner's residence, where he claims his Lamborghini is located.

Prior to the YouTube livestream, Ben Armstrong made a cryptic post hinting at an impending live broadcast from a significant location. In less than an hour, Armstrong commenced the livestream, broadcasting from the residence of Carlos Diaz, a consultant and nonfungible token investor with suspected affiliations to the Hit Network.

During the livestream, Armstrong launched into a fiery diatribe, accusing Diaz of harboring murderous intentions towards him and insinuating connections to the Houston mafia. He boldly declared, "I'm not afraid of you, Carlos," in a heated outburst.

Approximately 19 minutes into his broadcast, local law enforcement arrived at the scene to engage Armstrong in questioning. They inquired about the presence of any weapons on his person, to which he replied negatively. However, it was revealed that there was a weapon located on the backseat of his car.

As the pat-down search continued, Armstrong hesitated when asked if anyone else was inside the vehicle. Initially glancing at his phone, which was livestreaming to an audience of 2,500 viewers, he eventually confessed that a woman named Cassie, with whom he had an affair, was in the car. Astonishingly, Armstrong claimed that his wife was aware of their presence together.

Armstrong proceeded to elaborate on Cassie's involvement in the situation with Diaz, asserting that Diaz had been extorting him, issuing death threats, and purloining his Lamborghini. The livestream then abruptly went silent for 17 minutes before concluding.

In response to these events, Diaz released home security camera footage confirming Armstrong's presence at his residence, as well as his attempt to make contact by ringing the doorbell.

Click to watch on the X platform the livestream of Bitboy: @iamramekin


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