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Copy of Explore Cutting-Edge Blockchain, Digital Assets, and Web3 Education at the University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is the largest University in Cyprus, renowned for its pioneering efforts in blockchain and cryptocurrency education since 2013 when it launched the world’s first academic cryptocurrency course. UNIC also launched the world’s first accredited degree programme, MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency.

University of Nicosia

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

Today, UNIC has educated over 130,000 students in academic and non-academic courses from 120+ countries, has the world’s largest team of faculty and staff focused on cryptoassets and blockchains, and is the academic lead for the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum (the advisory body to the European Committee).

The groundbreaking Master of Science degree in Blockchain and Digital Currency is offered fully online with a flexible structure and has more than 1,500 students from over 105 different countries to date. The university enriches the learning experience for students by hosting distinguished guests and industry leaders to deliver lectures.


Two Free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs):

Free MOOC on Digital Currency: taught by world-leading experts Andreas Antonopoulos, Prof. George Giaglis and Antonis Polemitis, and attended by over 100,000 students, BLOC-511DL is the world’s first MOOC on Digital Currencies. The course covers both a technical overview of decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin, as well as their broader economic, legal and financial context. Through this free online course, students get first-hand knowledge of what they are, why they exist, why they are so important for improving financial services, and more.

Free MOOC on NFTs & the Metaverse: world’s first university course to be delivered exclusively on-chain and in the metaverse. It is co-taught by Prof. George Giaglis and Punk 6529 – a deeply influential thinker on NFTs and the metaverse and one of the largest NFT collectors in the world – along with an incredible array of guests, including Balaji Srinivasan, Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon, and Beeple. The first iteration of the course took place in specially designed virtual auditoriums inside OM – Punk 6529’s Open Metaverse, and attracted more than 22,500 online students. 

Four Distinct Academic Certification Programs:

Academic Certification Programs are designed for people who want to become competent blockchain professionals but do not wish to embark on a full MSc (graduate) program yet. 

Certification Programs provide a convenient and accessible means for students to acquire expertise in blockchain technology and digital assets through four distinct pathways. Certification programs are aimed to offer high-quality education and training to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the blockchain industry within 18 weeks:

  • Blockchain Financial Analyst Certification

  • Blockchain Business Analyst Certification

  • Blockchain Developer Certification

  • Blockchain Regulator Certification

Three Master's Degree Programs focused on Blockchain, Digital Assets and Metaverse:

MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency: the World’s first academic degree course focused on blockchain and digital assets. The program is designed to prepare participants to become competent professionals in the field of digital currency and Blockchain technology. Graduates benefit from a broad background, combining courses in Finance, Management, Computer Science, and Information Systems to provide a holistic analysis of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain systems, applications, and services.

MSc in Metaverse: the World’s first graduate degree in Metaverse is an interdisciplinary program tailored to equip creators, developers, architects, social scientists, financial professionals, policymakers, and other individuals for roles in metaverse design and management. This program is structured to enable students to delve into the correlation between metaverse technologies and their applications, encompassing technical and business aspects. The goal is to provide a fresh perspective on designing, developing, and deriving value from the implementation of new metaverse products and services.

MSc in Computer Science - Blockchain Technologies Concentration: the program focuses on the fundamentals of digital currencies and the underlying blockchain technology. It also focuses on programmable smart contracts and the associated architectures such as Ethereum. It aims to prepare students on the possible impact of these technologies on various applications including those based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things.

TOP Reasons to Enroll

  • UNIC is the 1st University in the World to Accept Bitcoin for Tuition Payments 

  • UNIC is the 1st University in the World to Offer a Free MOOC on Digital Currency with more than 100,000 students 

  • UNIC is the 1st University in the World to Offer an Accredited Degree in Blockchain & Digital Currency with more than 1,500 students

  • UNIC is the 1st University to Issue Blockchain verifiable Academic Certificates 

  • UNIC is the 1st University in the World to offer a free MOOC on Decentralized Finance

  • UNIC is the 1st University in the World to offer a Free MOOC on "NFTs & the Metaverse with more than 22,500 students to date

  • UNIC is the 1st University in the World to Launch a Fully Accredited MSc program in Metaverse with a 300,000 EUR scholarship program.


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