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Crypto Advocate Alleges Coordinated Assault on XRP Community

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Crypto influencer Ashley Prosper has expressed her belief that the XRP community is currently experiencing a coordinated assault.


Ashley Prosper, a well-known figure within the XRP community, used X (formerly Twitter) to voice concerns about what she perceives as a concerted attack on the XRP community. Prosper conveyed to her followers that this community has been unfairly targeted by both mainstream media and regulatory bodies for the past three years.

One of Prosper's key points was the perceived lack of coverage by mainstream media following the summary judgment in the case of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) versus Ripple. Despite this case being one of the most significant stories in the crypto industry during the past three years and resulting in a partial victory for Ripple, it received surprisingly little attention from mainstream media outlets.

Furthermore, Prosper noted the continuous spread of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) aimed at XRP and Ripple over this three-year period. This FUD campaign has played a significant role in disseminating misinformation and obstructing the broader adoption of XRP. During this time frame, XRP's value has also experienced a decline of approximately 17% over the past four weeks.

Prosper emphasized that private entities, such as JPMorgan, have engaged in discussions with the SEC regarding XRP. JPMorgan is reportedly developing a blockchain-based token for faster cross-border deposits, directly competing with XRP.

In addition to these concerns, Prosper pointed out instances of social media accounts belonging to prominent XRP community members and influencers being hacked. This suggests a coordinated effort against the XRP community. Prosper also mentioned that the SEC has characterized the XRP community as aggressive, with some individuals being labeled as conspiracy theorists.

Lastly, Prosper highlighted the adverse effects of the SEC's enforcement action against Ripple, which has resulted in significant losses for XRP and the broader Ripple ecosystem, potentially running into billions of dollars.


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