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Jordan Peterson Ruined His Image With The “give ’em hell” Tweet - Andrew Tate Answers Back

Updated: Feb 29

Jordan Peterson

On October 5, Jordan Peterson shared a message on X that appeared to endorse a robust military reaction to the Hamas bombings in Israel. Notably, he tagged the nation's Prime Minister and composed:

"Give 'em hell @netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu). Enough is enough."

Andrew Tate and his brother recently confronted Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson regarding his recent commentary on the Israel-Palestine conflict in the wake of the Hamas bombings.

Tristan and Andrew made it clear that they hold anti-war stances and expressed their disapproval of the prevalent polarization seen on social media platforms. Jordan Peterson, a prominent figure in the Western conservative realm, sparked significant controversy with his recent X (Twitter) post, in which he advocated for Israel to take decisive action against Hamas, using the phrase 'giving them hell.'

Andrew criticized Jordan, accusing him of inconsistency, by stating:

"I find it extremely asinine and quite childish, hypocritical, and also disingenuous that people like Peterson would call for the genocide and call for war, when truthfully he would hate to be anywhere near a war."

Andrew highlighted the inconsistency in Peterson's endorsement of "destruction," particularly given his history of dealing with online adversaries and provocateurs. This is how he articulated his perspective:

"Jordan Peterson is not a soldier, and he is not capable of being a soldier. For him to sit and advocate destruction when he himself can't handle Twitter haters and needs absolute peace of mind, let alone peace of physicality, to sleep at night without drugs. I find that quite disingenuous and short-sighted."

During the same live stream, Andrew Tate discussed the severe plight of children affected by the Israel-Palestine conflict and pledged to contribute funds to support them during their challenging times. Shortly after Tate's remarks, Twitter saw a noteworthy response from the online community.

Photo By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Jordan Peterson, CC BY-SA 2.0,


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