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Oprah Winfrey And Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Slammed for Asking Donations Regarding Maui Fires

Updated: Feb 29

Maui Fires, Dwayne Johnson and Oraph Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have found themselves embroiled in a contentious discussion following their appeal to their considerable fan base for contributions to the Maui, Hawaii, relief fund. Their aim was to offer assistance to those impacted by the devastating Lahaina wildfires. Nevertheless, due to the collective wealth of these two prominent figures exceeding $2.8 billion, their plea for public aid has been met with doubt and scrutiny.

Winfrey and Johnson kickstarted The People's Fund of Maui with a generous $10 million contribution. However, their subsequent efforts to seek additional donations from the public through social media channels like Instagram and TikTok drew criticism, particularly from fans experiencing financial hardships.

Many expressed concerns about why two of the planet's wealthiest individuals were appealing to the public for financial support. The size of their initial donation, in relation to their vast fortunes, became a central point of contention in the discussion.

On August 31, Winfrey and Johnson shared a video with their extensive Instagram following, in which Winfrey stood alongside Johnson as they introduced the "People's Fund of Maui." The fund was created with the intention of raising financial support for local residents impacted by the recent tragedy.

The same video was also reposted on Winfrey and Johnson's TikTok accounts, featuring a donation button that allowed TikTokers to make direct contributions.

Winfrey's Instagram post garnered 834,000 views and just 11,000 likes, which was notably lower than usual for a video with such a high number of views. It also received over 53,000 comments, many of which expressed sentiments similar to those on Instagram.

One top comment on Instagram questioned, "I support Maui and the cause. But why are you asking us common folk who live paycheck to paycheck? We struggle to put food on the table. Who helps us?"

Johnson's Instagram post, with 1.4 million views, received similar criticism in the comments section.

Several users even posted reaction videos, emphasizing that the duo should dig deeper into their own substantial wealth or seek contributions from their millionaire and celebrity acquaintances, instead of appealing to regular individuals who may be facing financial difficulties.

Forbes reported that Winfrey had a net worth of $2.5 billion and owned at least 13 properties in the Hawaiian islands. Johnson, recognized as the world's highest-paid actor, had an estimated net worth of $270 million, according to the publication.

The recent criticism underscores the ongoing discussion surrounding the involvement of ultra-wealthy individuals in charitable initiatives and the consequences of soliciting donations from the public.


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