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PayPal Explores the Creation of an NFT Marketplace

Updated: Feb 29

PayPal wants to create an NFT marketplace

PayPal is making significant strides in the realm of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) with a recently filed patent application that has the potential to transform the way NFTs are bought and sold. This patent application, submitted in March and unveiled on September 21, introduces an innovative concept.

The patent outlines a novel approach wherein NFT transactions can be channeled through an unspecified third-party service provider, with Ethereum being referenced in the application as a notable example.

What sets PayPal's proposed ecosystem apart is its adaptability. It hints at the feasibility of fractionalized NFT acquisitions, opening the door to the circulation of governance tokens that can be traded among users. Additionally, the patent suggests the utilization of a decentralized autonomous organization affiliated with the service provider, which could enhance NFT liquidity on a specialized platform.

Crucially, the application reveals that the patent's scope extends beyond just digital collectibles. It encompasses anything representing distinguishable digital data, all of which can be meticulously tracked through a decentralized blockchain ledger. This broader application implies that PayPal's innovation could have far-reaching implications beyond the realm of NFTs, affecting various sectors where distinguishable digital data is of significance.


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