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Shiba Inu Bulls Eager for a Breakout Beyond the $0.001 Amidst Big Activity on Shibarium Transactions

Updated: Mar 4

In the midst of the ongoing market upswing, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has distinguished itself as a standout performer, marking a notable surge of 21.45% over the past week.

This upward price movement is fueled by heightened market optimism surrounding Shibarium, the robust layer-2 network within the SHIB ecosystem, supported by staggering daily transaction figures of 7.84 million.

Photo bt Traxer on Unsplash

What has additionally fueled the rise of SHIB is the remarkable increase in daily transactions recorded within the Shibarium network. As per Shibariumscan data, the L2 network has surged to an unprecedented 7.84 million transactions per day.

With SHIB maintaining its upward momentum, buoyed by the thriving activity within the Shibarium network, the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits to see if this trend will drive SHIB towards the significant milestone of surpassing its current valuation and eliminating three zeroes.


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